High Access Solutions Provides The Following Services:

  • Atrium Lift and Compact Lift Rentals with Experienced Support Personnel
  • Light Bulb Replacement
  • Power Washing
  • HVAC Vent Cleaning
  • Remedial Caulking
  • Window Cleaning
  • Atrium Access & Maintenance
  • Lighting Maintenance & Retrofit
  • Wood Refinishing & Maintenance
  • Seasonal & Holiday Decorating
  • Awning Cleaning & Sealing

We Provide…


Because we send a ground support person to every project, we have extensive on-the-job knowledge of what these lifts can do and how to use them. Our man on the job has seen hundreds of different scenarios and knows how to handle them. He is there to assist you with:


Where is the best area to unload and what is the best way to unload? We have different trailers that can place the lift closer and in a more convenient area for safety and to save time.

Protect flooring

We know the best way to protect the flooring and/or landscaping. What is the best floor covering – plastic, blankets, Masonite, ½” or ¾” plywood or a combination of these? We also use aluminum beams and wood and aluminum platforms and ramps that we fabricate. These enable us to get floor pressure down to 50 pounds per square foot, if necessary.

Bring the lift into the building

This is one of the most important services we provide. Ninety-nine percent of accidents happen on the ground during movement of the lift when it is folded up and therefore top-heavy. If you are renting a compact lift it is for a reason: it’s being used because of tight space, a narrow entrance, tight turns, steps to negotiate or some other difficult situation. You do not want an inexperienced person (or yourself) navigating the lift through these obstacles.

Level the lift and inspect the lift

Compact lifts are specialized equipment. The setup and leveling are very important. If there is not equal pressure on all 4 outriggers, the lift will not work properly. We also inspect the lift daily to insure proper operation and safety.

Train and certify operator

There is no way that a person unfamiliar with these specialized, European-made lifts can learn to use them in a 20 minute curb-side orientation. That is why we train and certify your personnel on the job. Our ground support staff is there to help him learn the lift safely and in a timely manner. We remain on site for the duration of the project.

Job execution

Our ground support person is there during the entire project. We can assist in how to operate the lift in order to optimize the most height and outreach. Many times there is more than one way to reach your objective. We will help you determine the most efficient, safest way. We can also troubleshoot the lift if there are any mechanical problems, which can save hours or even days for your project. Our ground support person will help decide where the next set up should be. He will prepare the next area so that when the current set up is finished, we can move the lift directly to the next set up with no work interruption. This is a big time saver for you. With our knowledge of the capabilities of the lift we can pick the best locations for set up, saving time and money for you on the project.


All of our personnel have at least 3 years experience with our compact aerial lifts. They work with these lifts every day. They not only know the lifts but they have been on hundreds of different types of projects that gives them experience on how to complete your project in a timely, economic and safe way. Picking the right lift for the project is important. On more complex projects, we make available different lifts with different capabilities to complete your project as quickly and safely as possible.


High Access Solutions is not an ordinary compact aerial lift company. Our atrium and compact aerial lifts are highly specialized. We offer the ReachMaster line of high access aerial lifts. When you need considerable work height combined with limited or narrow access, nothing outperforms our lifts. The ReachMaster lifts set a new standard for compact flexibility and light aerial work platforms.

We have used cranes, mini-cranes, tele-handlers, wenches, and ramps to gain access to projects. It is certainly important to have experienced people doing this work.

We also provide a turnkey approach to the more difficult projects. Sometimes a lift will not reach all the areas needed. We can access those areas with a combination of other approaches, such as ladders and scaffolding. This gives your company the satisfaction of knowing that the best and safest practices are being used to get your project completed safely. This can also make your bidding process easier. We will provide one price for your total high access needs on larger projects.


Knowing each of the lift’s capabilities is essential. We believe 99.9% of accidents are caused by operator error. How can a man who has had a 20 minute orientation on a very complicated lift that is made in Europe run that lift safely? If you are renting a compact lift there is a reason: tight area, tight access, weight issues, etc. We provide training for your staff and ground support for the duration of the rental.