Hinowa LL76 / JLG X770AJ

Hinowa LL 76 / JLG X770AJ

Italian made Hinowa LL76 is now US Brand JLG X770AJ!
Dante Fracca, Hinowa president, commented, “We are proud to be selected by JLG as their supplier of JLG-branded specialty boom lifts.
Below are the specifications for the European and American lift.


Lift is 76’ tall and is only 20’ long when folded down and weighs 6600 lbs.

  • Will go down narrow hallways and make turns in tight areas easily
  • A typical 76’ lift would weigh 24,000 lbs
  • Will fit in a large freight elevator
  • Can be lifted onto balconies or rooftops easily
  • Works well in very tight, small areas
  • Fits through a 38 inch door

Lift has true up and over capabilities

  • Lift can go straight up 45 feet and reach out 40 feet at 90 degrees
    • Helpful in warehouses with shelving or machinery
    • Reaches up and over balconies in churches and theaters
    • Helpful in apartment and condo atriums
    • Great for working over escalators or stairwells

Lift is on non-marking rubber tank tracks

  • Spreads weight of lift out over large area, 9 lbs psi
  • Works well in areas with retaining walls
  • Will climb stairs
  • Can be used on sensitive flooring
    • Marble floors, wood floors, carpeting
    • Raised Computer floors
    • Gymnasium floors
    • Floors with weight restrictions
    • Lawns and landscaping

The lift’s boom design is different than other lifts and can access hard-to-reach areas

  • This lift has a double scissors with a boom and a jib.
  • Once set up it can reach an 80-foot circle of work

The LL 76 lift is very useful in areas that require a 25 to 75 foot working height. Many people believe that if you have a 60 foot working height a 60 to 65 foot lift will do the job. This is not correct. When you rent a lift, the most important function is actual working time in the basket. That is how the job is completed in a timely manner.

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