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Drover hotel, Fort Worth TX, Christmas tree installation, Bluelift 85

Hotel Drover Christmas tree install

This project, along with most of the projects we come across, faces unique problems we love providing solutions to. Here we have the newest designer hotel in Fort Worth TX called “Hotel Drover”. It is in the historic stockyards of Fort Worth and surrounded by rich history and priceless architecture. Our Bluelift B85 is only 38.5 inches wide and 6ft 6 inches tall, meaning, it will fit through any standard size double doorway. On this specific project we stay outside and there is no need to go through standard doorways, but we do encounter weight restricted tile on back patio that a counter weighted machine cannot access. Our first obstacle here is getting to the back courtyard where the Christmas tree will be installed. Upon unloading we drive the Bluelift past the Event Hall AKA “The Barn” then down a long and narrow gravel path to the work area. Enroute we must cover flooring as to not damage the pathways. Thick mil rolls of plastic are laid down, and 4×8 sheets of SKUDO board are flip flopped to prevent damage. Upon arrival to work area there is one 90degree turn that must be done in the outdoor hotel bar. Minimal furniture movement is required for this turn, and we are onto our work area. When we reach work area, minimal furniture movement is also required, and then we can start our set up process. Once furniture is moved and machine is in position, we can bring down our outriggers and begin to install the Christmas tree. Upon completion of project, we will exit the Drover the same as we entered. Same route, same procedure, happy customer. This project is always a fun one for us because of the atmosphere surrounding the area, and the friendly staff on the property. We look forward to future projects here and are happy to be able to help. 

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