We will look at your project, pick the right lift, get the lift where it needs to be, train and certify your men onsite and help your project run fast, smooth, economical, and safe.

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Save Time – Get your project done faster – we can have lift set up and operational in 20 minutes.

Less Grief – Get your project done right. We will help with the lift setup.

Expert Help – We are the national compact lift experts. We only rent compact lifts.

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Lifts We Offer

Our Inventory is 9 compact lifts from 3 different manufacturers with 6 different models that offer a wide range of different applications.

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Who We Are:

HIGH ACCESS SOLUTIONS is a full-service compact aerial lift rental company, and high access service provider. We provide solutions to all your needs for accessing difficult areas and components. Our services only start with our state-of-the-art compact aerial and specialty lifts. Combined with our certified, highly trained and experienced ground support personnel, we provide access to all your hard-to-reach locations. Respected as leading national authorities in providing high access solutions, we are known for our commitment to delivering the highest levels of safety, quality and professional services to all our clients. Through successful completion of thousands of jobs throughout the USA, our teams have extensive expertise in ensuring these lifts are properly utilized and get the job done right the first time.

Why Choose Us:

Our name says solutions, not just rentals, and that explains why we are different from all other aerial lift rental companies. We understand our lifts are used on difficult jobs where time is money. Our expertise begins with helping you choose the right solution to the most difficult situation. That solution will include just the right lift operated by our certified, trained and experienced support personnel. We stay with the lift, bring it into the building, move, position, level it, train and certify your staff in the use of the lift, and provide support on the ground for the duration of the project. Our approach minimizes liability, ensures maximum uptime, avoids wasted time on the job, and provides the best method for completing your job on time and on budget.

Why Use Our Lifts:


By their very nature, the specialized lifts of High Access Solutions require special maintenance and care to deliver their full potential. We provide that care to ensure you get peak performance on the job. Our advanced lifts are used indoors and outdoors, fit through a standard 36” door, and extend up to 110 feet high with a 45-foot horizontal reach. When your application demands considerable work height combined with limited or narrow access – even floor surface pressure restrictions – High Access Solutions is your answer.

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