A spider lift is a unique aerial lift. The name refers to the way the machine looks when in the operational position. Its narrow body and extended hydraulic legs (outriggers) resemble the form of a spider. This kind of aerial lift is also known as a compact lift, atrium lift, or articulating lift. Customers often ask, “Can that thing walk?”, and although the answer is no, its many features and exclusive versatility are major advantages in the function of this lift. The spider lift was patented in Demark in the late 70’s and has brought relief to countless otherwise inaccessible projects throughout the years. The main reasons this machine is so valuable are the following: the versatile ability to pass through a standard size doorway, lightweight operation, and increased height and accessibility.  A typical 85 ft lift weighs around 30,000 lbs. due to the need for counterweighting, but at a low weight of 8,000 lbs. our “spider” lifts can easily travel across delicate floors, weight restricted floors, or landscaping and can reach a height of 85 ft. simply by relying on the size of its base with the outriggers extended for stabilization. High Access Solutions would love to be the solution to your next project. Please call Paul Ptak at (817)243-6800 for questions about our specialized aerial lifts.