In addition to our full-service lift rentals, we also use combinations of “Tube and Clamp”, “System”, and “Frame and Brace” scaffolding to tackle your projects in areas where a lift may not be accessible, escalators, stairwells, confined spaces etc. We can also erect platforms for our machines out of scaffolding to reach over pools, bridges, etc.

Tube and Clamp

With Tube and Clamp scaffolding we can erect in extremely unique areas, as in circle staircases or escalators that would otherwise not be accessible with an atrium lift. This approach is easily assembled and disassembled, and with our full-service processes at HAS we take all measures to protect your project. Our team will assess the structure needed to be built, build your specific structure, and de-construct structure. Your Team will only need to focus on the work needed to be completed, Leave the rest to              High Access Solutions!

System Scaffolding

This approach is also very effective when in difficult work areas. The system scaffolding can go anywhere that Tube and Clamp could be placed, but it is faster to erect and faster to deconstruct. Great for going anywhere with a curved wall or somewhere with and uneven surface to be built on, such as a stairwell. This option is also full service. High Access Solutions will give peace of mind to any client for the best, and safest job possible.