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♦ How do I reach that ceiling?
♦ How do I get a lift up those stairs?
♦ How do I get a lift into that building?
♦ How do I get a lift to the second floor?
♦ How can I reach over that equipment?
♦ Will this floor support a lift?
♦ How do I reach over/into that balcony?
♦ How do I protect the floor and fixtures from being damaged?
♦ How do I get my team certified to use a Compact Aerial Lift?


High Access Solutions

Conquering Your Hospital Facility Challenges

Safety Comfort Economy Maintenance

Does Your Rental Company……???Other Rental CompaniesHigh Access Solutions
Provide a Turn-Key High Access Solution?NoYES
Provide a Lift Operator?NoYES
Provide Ground Support?NoYES
Include Liability Insurance?NoYES
Include Installation Insurance?NoYES
Reposition Lift from Setup to Setup?NoYES
Provide On-Site Expertise?NoYES
Provide Ramps to Negotiate Steps?NoYES
Train & Certify Your Operator On-Site?NoYES
Maneuver Lift into Building?NoYES
Protect All Flooring and Furnishings?NoYES
Protect Outside Landscaping and GrassNoYES

Call Paul and get to those hard to reach places easier!

In today’s world there are many things that are just out of reach. From a light bulb in a 2-story room to the sprinkler heads in a warehouse to your backyard security light to speakers in a stadium. High Access Solutions has more than 12 years’ experience of helping clients reach all things unreachable. Let us help you solve your high access challenge!