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Just give us a call or fill out the form on the website, and we will take it from there. We can send one of our professional estimators out to look at your project. He will determine which lift and additional equipment will be best to complete the job in the most efficient, economical manner.

Technology and architecture have provided the potential to use new materials and construction techniques that have significantly increased hard-to-reach areas in many buildings and facilities. This creates current and ongoing needs for specialty lifts such as those operated by HAS.

These advanced-capabilities lifts also use the latest in technology and possess numerous features that allow them to access extremely difficult locations. In addition to interior atriums lighting, windows, and fire sprinklers, these lifts provide access in extreme situations such as industrial assembly plants and boiler rooms, water towers, stadiums, entertainment venues, and other specialized facilities.

While there is a growing need for the use of specialty lifts in a wide variety of applications, they
are too expensive for outright purchase for most users. This reality drives a strong demand for
rental of the lifts. However, the sophistication and technology of high-end specialty lifts makes
the most efficient approach hiring experienced ground support personnel along with the lift. We
can also provide certified and trained operators for your job.

While there are rental firms that provide some of these lifts, none of them offer such ground
support personnel or operators. Without such expertise you may face excessive liabilities,
frequent downtime, and extended rental periods. Since many of the jobs utilizing such lifts
involve numerous other subcontractors and expenses, efficient utilization is a paramount

In addition to providing the best and least expensive equipment-ground support-operator
solution, HAS management is nationally known for its engineering insights and experience in
providing solutions not found with other firms.

Numerous factors come into play when using these specialty lifts.

  • Many projects involve reaching not only high locations, but also those that are blocked by wiring, ductwork, support structures and other obstacles. Our support personnel know how to get the most out of our lifts in such circumstances.
  • There are multiple safety features built into these lifts due to their extreme operating capabilities. When those safety limits are exceeded, the machines shut down. This can occur with as little as a centimeter of tolerance in setting the machine or its positioning. Inexperienced operators can spend hours – or even days – shut down before solving such lockouts.
  • Liability is a big part of using these lifts – from the movement to the job to actual operations to exiting the project. Our expertise helps limit these risks, and our safety record speaks for itself.

Significant planning in invested in developing what HAS terms its “Texas Triangle” strategy. The company is opening an operational division in Houston in Q1 2019, and has plans to add San Antonio by Q4 2018.

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