We provide the High Access Solutions for many of your facility management challenges

♦ Electrical Repair and Lighting Maintenance
♦ Ceiling Repairs and Cleaning
♦ Facility Repairs and Cleaning
♦ Window Repairs and Cleaning
♦ Lightbulb Replacement and Retrofits
♦ Fire Sprinkler Maintenance and Repairs


When you ask yourself, “How do I repair these high ceilings” or how do I dust those hard to reach beams and vents?” High Access Solutions has the answers for you.  We can do the job for you, or we can provide access for your staff using a Compact Aerial Lift or Scaffolding.

High Access Solutions is the Church and Worship Facilities expert. We have more than 125 churches as clients.

At HAS, we make sure that we always:

Respect your facility

Protect the pews and other seats

Cover and protect the floors and doorways

Bring the lift into the building, and move and level it each time

Advise on the best way to reach the work area, or complete the job for you


High Access Solutions

Conquering Your Worship Facility Challenges

Safety Comfort Economy Maintenance

All worship facilities today face increasing demands in each of the above areas with ever more restrictive budgets. This often results in short-term band aids, shortcuts, and deferred maintenance. These church facility maintenance challenges leave your members with a less-than-satisfactory experience and greater long-term church facility costs. Download our Smart Church Guide to conduct an important self-audit of how your current worship facility meets the standards you desire and your congregants expect.

Does Your Rental Company……???Other Rental CompaniesHigh Access Solutions
Provide a Turn-Key High Access Solution?NOYES
Provide a Lift Operator?NOYES
Provide Ground Support?NOYES
Include Liability Insurance?NOYES
Include Installation Insurance?NOYES
Reposition Lift from Setup to Setup?NOYES
Provide On-Site Expertise?NOYES
Provide Ramps to Negotiate Steps?NOYES
Train & Certify Your Operator On-Site?NOYES
Maneuver Lift into Building?NOYES
Protect All Flooring and Furnishings?NOYES
Protect Outside Landscaping and Grass

Call today or request a quote to answer these questions:

  • How can I get the work done without interfering with church services and programs?
  • How can I update my lighting to cost-efficient LEDs?
  • How can I properly aim my theater lights and acoustics?
  • How can I meet the requirement to inspect my fire sprinklers?
  • How can I clean and dust my rafters, filters and ceiling areas?
  • How can I clean my windows, corners and other surface areas?
  • How can I inspect my emergency lighting?
  • How can I inspect and repair ceiling tiles?
  • How can I inspect and maintain my fire alarms?

No matter your church configuration, we have an efficient and affordable solution. Call today to discuss your facility challenges. We will explain how we:

Help you determine the best way to reach the work area – Compact Aerial Lift or Scaffolding
Determine if HAS will provide access to the area or complete the job for you

  • Bring the correct lift into your facility
  • Negotiate stairs or turns getting into the work area
  • Protect and cover thresholds, floors, transition areas, pews and seating
  • Determine where to set up the lift area in your church for most efficient use of the lift
  • Build ramps to access stage and altar areas where needed
  • Move and replace pews as needed
  • Certify your staff for use of the lift

At High Access Solutions we specialize in helping you allow your worship facility to serve your congregation as it was intended. We help you focus on timely and affordable facility safety, worshipper comfort, and proper facility maintenance.

At High Access Solutions We Provide

No one has helped more congregations get the most of their facilities than High Access Solutions. We understand the special challenges that come with ensuring your facility receives the highest quality service in timely and efficient manner.

Our personnel stay on the job to guide the work and ensure the best possible placement of the lift to get the job done in the most expedient manner. It is often necessary to move the lift multiple times to reach all the desired work areas. We take care of this task this while making sure your facility is protected and the job is carried out safely.

We will work with you to identify all the tasks you want to accomplish while our lift is on your premises. You can check off multiple items at one time and bring your facility to the safe, clean, efficient and well-lighted condition your congregation expects and deserves.

Call Paul and get to those hard to reach places easier!

In today’s world there are many things that are just out of reach. From a light bulb in a 2-story room to sprinkler heads in a warehouse or speakers in a stadium. High Access Solutions has more than 16 years’ experience of helping clients reach all things unreachable. Let us help you solve your High Access challenge!