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Conquering Your Worship Facility Challenges

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All worship facilities today face increasing demands in each of the above areas with ever more restrictive budgets. This often results in short-term band aids, shortcuts and deferred maintenance. These church facility maintenance challenges leave your members with a less-than-satisfactory experience and greater long-term church facility costs. Download our Smart Church Guide to conduct an important self-audit of how your current worship facility meets the standards you desire and your worshiper expect.

At High Access Solutions we specialize in helping you make your worship facility serve your congregation as it was intended. We help you focus on timely and affordable facility safety, worshipper comfort, and proper facility maintenance.

Call today or request a quote to answer these questions:

  • How can I get the work done without interfering with church services and programs?
  • How can I update my lighting to cost-efficient LEDs?
  • How can I properly aim my theater lights and acoustics?
  • How can I meet the requirement to inspect my fire sprinklers?
  • How can I clean and dust my rafters, filters and ceiling areas?
  • How can I clean my windows, corners and other surface areas?
  • How can I inspect my emergency lighting?
  • How can I inspect and repair ceiling tiles and areas?
  • How can I inspect and maintain my fire alarms?

No matter your church configuration, we have an efficient and affordable solution. Call today to discuss your facility challenges. We will explain how we:

  • Bring the right lift into your facility
  • Negotiate stairs or turns getting into the work area
  • Protect and cover thresholds, floors and transition areas
  • Analyze set up area in your church for most efficient use of the lift
  • Build ramps to access stage areas where needed
  • Move and replace pews as needed
  • Certify all workers for use of the lift

At High Access Solutions We Provide

No one has helped more congregations get the most of their facilities than High Access Solutions. We understand the special challenges that come with ensuring your facility receives the highest quality service in timely and efficient manner.

Our personnel stay on the job to guide the work and ensure the best possible placement of the lift to get the job done in the most expedient manner. It is often necessary to move the lift multiple times to reach all the desired work areas. We take care of this task this while making sure your facility is protected and the job is carried out safely.

We will work with you to identify all the tasks you want to accomplish while our lift is on your premises. You can check off multiple items at one time and bring your facility to the safe, clean, efficient and well-lighted condition your congregation expects and deserves.


Church Case Study

Mount Hebron Church

In many construction projects there is no substitute for experience and creative solutions. Although every job is different, time and budget are critical components of success, and having the right partners and the proper equipment is imperative. Whether the need is for new construction or repairs, ongoing maintenance, or an emergency call, you can count on High Access Solutions getting the job done. We provide a range of options for any company with a need to put workers in the air. This case study examines one such example:

Case Study

Mount Hebron Baptist Church in Garland, Texas, worships in a large building with a sanctuary highlighted by a ceiling that soars to 50 feet at its peak. The space features four aisles that run parallel to one another from the rear of the church to an open area in front of a very large stage at the front of the worship area. The space is filled with pews.

Recently, a severe Texas wind storm damaged the roof of the church building. Structural engineers determined that two 50-foot steel beams were necessary to shore up existing wood beams spanning the distance from front to rear. Because we haveworked with the church for the past seven years, HAS was called in to help. 


As with any job of this scope, several challenges existed, including:

  • The desire to move a minimum number of pews 

  • Access problems through narrow doorways

  • The need to protect thresholds, carpet and flooring transitions

  • Weight restrictions on the stage

  • The need for extreme reach and height with the lift

  • The request that regular services could be held on Sunday mornings while the work was in progress


During the consultation stage, we determined that two BlueLift 85 models, with the ability to reach to 85 feet height and offering a 45-foot effective reach, would be the ideal equipment to use.

Week 1: Clearing the Area

It was necessary to move more than 50 pews in order to gain clear floor area for the work to be completed above. For this part of the project HAS devised a type of hydraulic moving system to prevent damage to the “top-heavy” pews. We also used protective coverings to avoid damage to the carpet and flooring transitions. 

Using a pair of strategically-placed lifts, workers were able to disconnect the wiring and lower 40-foot ceiling-mounted light bars and large speaker arrays carefully to the floor. They were removed from the space for the duration of the repair work. 

Each Saturday, the HAS team removed work equipment and replaced the pews, allowing regular worship services to be held.

Weeks 2 and 3:

To facilitate the beam work, HAS brought back the two lifts, along with a mini-crane that was positioned at the approximate center point of each steel beam, with a lift on each side. Detailed coordination with the steel workers to devise appropriate systems made it possible to install each beam in a single week, although it was tedious work. HAS support personnel worked the crane and also closely supervised the lift operations. 

Week 4: Final 

Once the new steel beams were in place and approved, we devoted the final week to replacing the lighting and sound equipment, permanently reinstalling the pews and performing the final cleanup.


By devising a comprehensive plan at the outset, working as a team, and relying on our expertise, all work was completed according to specifications. Because of this, the Mount Hebron Baptist Church structural repair was completed with no problems and in record time. Without access to the specialty lifts, the time required to complete the work with traditional scaffolding and a larger crew would almost certainly have taken much longer, been more expensive, and created significant disruption for the congregation.

About High Access Solutions

Our fleet of specialized European lifts represent state-of-the-art technology, with high lift capability even in tight situations. Our aerial lift equipment is designed for maximum maneuverability and flexibility. They are lightweight, may be used indoors or out, and can perform exacting aerial tasks. We are unique in the rental equipment field because we don’t just deliver and unload our lifts. We provide onsite operator training and maintain personalized ground support on every project. It’s a solution that sets us apart. We are proud of our perfect safety record, and prouder still of the distinctive value and unique solutions that we offer to clients.  





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